Caregiver (PT)

Job description

Companion/Assistant for an Elderly Gentleman

Part time Job opportunity to offer companionship and assistance to an elderly gentleman who can no longer read due to eye disease and is hard of hearing. He needs some one to take him on walks and light exercise. The person needs to have command of basic tech skills to help him select and set up TV shows, audible books, online newspaper articles, and podcasts. Also reading books and articles and correspondence to the client and engaging him in conversation. The employee is required to have a car to drive client to doctor appointments and shops etc. Occasionally prepare , pick up , or go out for a meal together. Be proactive in monitoring client’s safety inside and outside the home. The client lives with his spouse who works out of the home with other staff.

Position can be 10-15 hours per week over 3 mornings, with a regular schedule. Possibility of afternoon, evening and overnight weekend stay. Excellent communication skills required. Must have a newer model clean car and clean driving record (mileage allowance offered) . Some experience working with the elderly is preferable . References required.

Sorry, this job is closed. 

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